Sunday, August 23, 2015

Playing Catsup

The lady was in town for a few days this week to allow me the privilege of giving her a perfect birthday. So aside from regular work duties, I put all my focus on the tough little Russian who has probably wrestled bears that were drunk on wod-ka (holy hell, I love it when she says that word). Now that she is away again, I've remembered that goals still exist. So in our better-late-than-never style, let's run down the handful missed while I was on big, wide smile duty. My apologies for the string of delays that follows.

Don't look now, but Miguel Ibarra has scored in consecutive Copa MX matches. His weekend opener comes at the 1:57 mark.

You may have noticed Galway's Jake Keegan is up to even dozen on the term. His 11th sits below (near the start of the reel), but I have not seen a clip of the 12th (which came in a losing cup cause).

Okay, so Twitter has an occasional benefit (but still no way): Check out this week's Daniel Williams bullet here.

Meanwhile, Cesar Romero netted his first Vardar Skopje strike to cap a win. You can see a very quick look at it at the very end of this clip.

We now turn to Norway, where some Americans have excelled this season. Speaking of Cole Grossman, he notched his fourth this weekend. It's the second goal, and almost an identical shot to the one scored by Williams.

Finally, we back up a week to catch up with the fifth goal scored by MIF defender Rhett Bernstein this season. He nearly had another one against Rosenborg today. If they weren't so hopeless in defense without him, I'd suggest putting him up top and raining crosses.

- Greg Seltzer

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