Saturday, August 1, 2015

RCB in the place to be

There are actually more potential candidates for this slot than you could shake a stick at, but with cohesion a big problem these days... umm yeah, keeping it trim. Besides, you might see a versatile one shifted over to that thinner left side later today.

Anywaaaaay, I am not really sure why Gonzo was usurped, just as I am not really sure Alvarado should be ahead of Orozco - arguably the best restart target threat in the back line these days, which is a real consideration for me. That is not to say I am sour on the young defender, but center back at the international level takes time. It is not the same game he sees in Liga MX by any stretch of the imagination. But, hey, you know who did look cool as a cucumber in his brief look? Hedges. Bring me Hedges.

Omar Gonzalez
Michael Orozco

Ventura Alvarado

Needs a call: Matt Hedges

Needs a January call (or sooner, because he can also play left center back): Shane O'Neill

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

michael orozco had a horrible mistake last night for Tijuana that gave away the game. the tijuana experience will be good for him though because he'll get to play CB in a 2-CB set as opposed to the 3-CB formation that he was a part of with Puebla the past few seasons.

Unknown said...

Watching Club America vs Atlas right now...Garza stretchered off and Alvarado with an own goal. Bad game for American fullbacks.

Unknown said...

ventura playing CB though. bad performance.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the word full just slipped in there. I typed it naturally.