Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Let's start the day by catching you all up on my Tim Ream transfer watch. I can confirm that QPR had their third offer rejected and are now waiting on a reply over a fourth bid. Meanwhile, I can tell you that Fulham have now entered the picture (though at this time I cannot confirm whether or not they have tabled a competing offer).

An MLSS report - complete with Ream injury update - is on the way. Stay tuned, friends, this could all get reeeal bumpy reeeeal quick...

- Greg Seltzer


Tony M said...

What's your personal feeling as to the best move for him?

Greg Seltzer said...

Really, I wish we'd get back to the days when a Prem team was chasing him. That would get it done.

Tony M said...


But I'd guess QPR would be the more likely path back to the Prem

Dr.Jon said...

I've shifted my hopes onto the shoulders of our YNT players - potential there. Not much established USMNT movement on the other side of the pond.

MB 90? Nope
Jozy? Nope
Omar? Nope
Besler? Nope
Zardes? Nope

FJ at LM for his club
Hyndman still hanging in at Fulham
Lletget - looks good parlays back to europe?

More? I'm missing a lot... who is the next big US breakout player in Europe who isn't a GK

Kirk Diggler said...

I prefer Fulham over QPR. Anything beats Bolton, who have avg support at best in that big stadium of theirs.