Wednesday, August 5, 2015


That is the sound a guard dog makes and the USMNT has several capable hounds for defensive midfield. The return of Cameron will mean the return of my cry to start him as the #6. Considering the recent set piece defending woes, adding another big body marker to the line-up. Beckerman drops to third not because of some so-so Gold Cup outings, but because Williams needs the minutes to grow at this level. His ceiling is obviously higher at this point. Kitchen also has promise and needs seasoning. And yes, I am aware that Edu now generally plays in defense for Philly, but that is not my concern. He knows how to do a job on the big stage and was only dropped because of a lack of PT that is no longer an issue.

Geoff Cameron
Daniel Williams
Kyle Beckerman

Needs a call: Perry Kitchen

On standby: Maurice Edu

- Greg Seltzer


gonavy said...

I like the Edu shout out. He is a solid d mid with experience. Is Jones out of the picture? Or is he a center back candidate?

yankee said...

Where's Jones? He's still top 2 along with Williams until someone actually surpasses him.

How'd he go from top 3 NTer in Brasil last year and MLS MVP candidate last year to not even making the list?

And how'd Shea who performed damn well at LB for us this year and was arguably the op LB in MLS before Orl moved him not make the list either?

Greg, what are you on man?

UnitedDemon said...

I think Kitchen should be ahead of Beckerman at this point. It's clear we didn't do well enough to beat Jamaica with Beckerman, why stick with him just to get results? If he isn't helping us win these games, let him go. He's still performing well in MLS, but he's past his expiration date.

Watching Kitchen day in, day out in DC has me high on him. And I thought he played well in the, what, 20 minutes he got to play in the run in to the Gold Cup? He's a winner. Let's play him now.

JJO said...

Jones is a #8 guys

JJO said...

Jones is a #8 guys

dikranovich said...

i think Dwight Yorke was voted one of the top defensive mids during the group stages of the 2006 World Cup.

Clark said...

Beckerman never plays well against Jamica. Dax deserves a call in, maybe more so than Kitchen.

Unknown said...


Not to put words in Greg's mouth, but I think these are players available today. Both Jones and Shea are out hurt. That might be the reason why they aren't on these lists.

Clark, I've always loved Dax since his playing days in Dallas. What he lacks in size he makes up in heart. He never quits, unfortunately Klinsman does not see that.

Greg Seltzer said...

Actually, all three of those players will appear later. :)