Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Goals Roundup

Don't look now, but Bobby Wood has scored in three of his last four games for Union Berlin. That, however, is not the main point of this post (that goal clip will come later). No, I have another bushel of tardy videos to get up. So here goes...

I can't get to Wood's goal form today, because I still need to get his midweek strike up. Unfortunately for him, it went to waste as Shawn Barry scored a cracker for victorious FSV Frankfurt.



Staying in Germany, that same night Fabian Johnson took out the lash for his first 'Gladbach goal of the season.

Over in Mexico, Jose Torres netted his first to kick off a Champions League win for Tigres.


Finally, red-hot Bjørn Maars Johnsen dialed long distance in a midweek cup win  Kudos to Brian Sciaretta for finding this Bulgarian TV highlight.

- Greg Seltzer

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