Monday, September 28, 2015

I think Mikey is ready.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

Not that I know the guy, but something tells me you could wake mikey up at 4 am in the morning on a random day in december, tell him there was a crucial match against mexico in 20 minutes and he'd hop outta bed with his cleats and an armband. Born ready ;)

Greg Seltzer said...

Agreed. But as he is not a big social media presence in this manner, I think it also serves as a wake-up call to the squad (whether it is needed due to lack of NT form or greenness to this type of situation).

DaM said...

Absolutely. Hopefully presages his growth into the captain role. Full credit to Clint for being a great player for us but it's Mikey's armband at this point right?

Always struck me as too honest and thoughtful to be a twitter presence so maybe it is a good way for him to tell the team forget about Klinsi, *I* expect you to be ready for this.

Man remember back in the day when Bigsoccer used to have huge threads on nepotism about Mikey? Hahahahaha. Seriously. Ha.