Friday, September 4, 2015

Your USMNT Line-Up v. Peru

My usual post-deadline breather is short this year, because 1) it certainly was not the busiest summer ever for American transfers over here, 2) I am spending a week in Malta with the lady soon and you will not hear a peep from me & C) the USMNT are going under Friday night lights.

I am intrigued by the back line combo, but I am concerned they will not have so much protection if this is another diamond mdfield. Also curious to see how Altidore and Wood interact - even if I might hate the formation choice that brings them together in this manner. If it is an empty bucket, though, I become intrigued again.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

hmmm. Wonder how the Gold cup would have turned out with Ream, Besler and Cameron playing. Oh well, Klinsman knows best.

dikranovich said...

This team needs to be playing with three center backs, that much is for sure. You just can't leave besler on the bench, or off the roster, and ream played well also, and Alvarado iwas very composed. We need to see Cameron Brooks and besler on the back line. Fabian Johnson on the left and DY on the right. His speed is so crucial. Jones and Michael Bradley in the two d mid roles.

Altidore threw himself a bone tonight with a couple of goals, one of which showed his real lack of touch. A lot of negative touches from altidore, but he came through in the end, and he usually shows up for Mexico games. Deuce next to the jozy.

We need Benny feilhaber on this team, and it is not even funny anymore. No more excuses!!!

Dr.Jon said...

@dik just curious you think Benny is more solid in the CAM role than Mix or Bedoya? Especially given Bedoya's tirelessness on the ball? (when Benny had a reputation of being a bit of a 1 way player, which now looks like it is addressed at SKC).

Dr.Jon said...

Also @dik I am 100% in agreement with this:



That leaves us with questions about going forward where do Morris and Wood and Hyndman, Gyau, Gatt, Flores, Pulisic, Trapp. One can be fairly optimistic about the future, no?? (if these kids continue to grow)

Dr.Jon said...

Is it en vogue to play a 3-4-3? That really pays to our strength right now...

DaM said...

Thanks Dr. Jon was gonna ask the same question. Mix had a good match on both sides of the ball. I didn't like Bedoya's contribution at all, but really we *needed* feilhaber over mix last night? No.

And I beg to differ with the characterization of Alvarado as composed. He had a couple of pretty awkward moments but having Cameron next to him helped a lot defensively. Alvarado just is not ready for prime time. Give me Cameron/Brooks or Gonzalez/Brooks. Yes, I get it, Gonzalez had a bad play last night... but he actually got back in position for the block. Let's not overstate how bad of a play it was because it resulted in a lucky goal. It wasn't good but he was much better than Alvarado was in the Gold cup.

Definitely agreed on Ream. Sure he can get beat for pace on the left, but he knows that and does what he can to guard against that. In the end, not much came from that side all night and they definitely tried to run past him a few times.

Dr.Jon said...

@DaM definitely. Also, I would be afraid to put Alvarado and to a lesser extent Brooks as 1/3 of a back 3. Definitely not both - 2/3 of a back 3. Would need to be 2 seasoned CB and a "new" CB. I'm thinking Ream - Besler - Cameron for the near future. Need sure footed and smart CBs in a back 3. +++ if your CDM has the chops to slot into CB role as you need it.

Unknown said...

Bedoya is a winger, not a central midfielder; this game confirmed that. I'd love to get to the point where Yedlin is experienced enough defensively to play RB so he and Bedoya can play off each other bombing down that wing.

Other than pace, I don't see what JK sees in Alvarado, and other than height, I don't see what he sees in Brooks. Especially when Cameron, Besler, Ream, and Gonzo are in the picture.

dikranovich said...

Dr Jon. I don't want you to be confused. The USA version of a three man backline is the 3-5-2, which employs two d- mids, and the two d- mids and the three center halves form the trapezoid of doom. Brooks is growing with each season, and he is going to be a strong centerpiece, in our backline for a number of years. These other center backs are older and have the experience needed for the position. Besler, Cameron, Ream, and there are others.

Our three man backline in chile was birnbaum, whom is a very good player, and jones, another talent, but they did not offer the synchronicity really required, that I think we would see with Besler and Cameron on the backline, flanking Brooks. When we get Bradley and jones, or maybe Williams in front of that backline, and a facilitator named feilhaber, we have a litany of players that can go out wide and play the wings.

This formation is not used every game, and moving from this formation into a 4-5-1, with two d mids is not much of a change

Unknown said...

the current 3-CB formation that has been used successfully by LVG, Piojo, Sampaoli, gerardo martino, is with 3 CMs (usually 8,8,10ish), a #9 and a second striker who operates as a trequartista or winger wherever/whenever he feels like being.

the oly other recent formation i can think of that has had success is costa rica's 5-2-3/5-4-1. which would be the equivalent to the "3-4-3" yall are suggesting. the key to that is having ridiculous workhorses as your 2 CMs, in bradley and jones we might have just that.

in regards to personnel, i will point out that Ventura and Orozco have both played hours upon hours of CB in the Piojo 5-3-2 (particularly Ventura, having played under Piojo lol). Ventura would look a lot better in that formation than he has looked in the 4-man backfield, i guarantee.

but i'll take a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 any day of the week

Dr.Jon said...

@dik I definitely see what you are saying and totally agree. My fear is on the break due to our not-so-awesome-in-possession MFs. In a break situation I would want a little guidance as Brooks and Alvarado are a bit Green* (color and Julian) still and would benefit from a Ream-Brooks-Cameron (also Gonzo, Besler would work as seasoned internationals).
I like the 3-5-2 because it is pretty versatile for teams that have multi positional players - like we tend to have - Ream CB/LB/CDM, Cameron CB/RB/CDM that's very helpful in this setup. In addition to our ability to churn out CDMs, in general.

Ream mentioned the speed of the international game is through the roof. I think this is what gets our Mexican American players. La Liga MX is not the swiftest of leagues on the planet. Lots of ponderous possession.