Saturday, October 3, 2015

High praise, indeed.

I am sure most of you are well aware of how I view Edwin van der Sar (or at least are shrewd enough to piece it together). Well... here is what Edwin van der Sar thinks of Ethan Horvath. And in case you missed it on Thursday night, here is why. And here is a Vine example of how Edwin van der Sar came to this opinion.

And here is the post-game interview:

- Greg Seltzer


Matt said...

Just wondering how the ref let him wear that color jersey. Looks like we're gonna have a real competition to see who succeeds Howard and Guzan in the next few it greedy to ask for a keeper that has Rimando-like ball skills too?

Desert Rat said...

Wow. Looks like the future of US goalkeeping is in good hands, between this guy and some of our other youngsters.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Matt: Horvath has pulled off a couple of nifty dribble stunts... and he has also had a couple of misadventures on the ball. Still young, but seems pretty mobile for a lanky guy.

@ Desert Rat: No doubt. The future could easily turn into a constant dogfight for the #1 job.