Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Nottingham Forest defender Eric Lichaj has scored his first goal since he hit for Aston Villa back in March of 2012 to put the hosts up late against Burnley... who just now tied it up in stoppage time.

UPDATE: NSC regular "mark" found it on Twitter.

- Greg Seltzer


mark said...

Here's a tweet with the video. Excellent goal celebration

DaM said...

and still has no chance of JK calling him up. Some day, after he is fired, I would love to hear JK's rationale for why he would give people like castillo and garza (and shea) a run out but not lichaj. has to be "locker room" related, doesn't it?

Matt said...

That is truly a fantastic celebration.

Dr.Jon said...

Yeah, it is weird, for sure.