Monday, November 23, 2015

Time to spill the beans!

My visa has been approved and received, which means everything is set for my upcoming temporary move to St. Petersburg. Yeah, I am going to Russia in December - a fact that will surely serve my queen well if she ever gets into a "my man loves me more" duel (it's Russia, so chances are pretty good). This is the gift she left me to celebrate only 12 days remaining until my arrival:

We will stay there until some time late in the summer, when we will then go for that American tour I mentioned a while back. It will be her first time over, so we will spend about three months driving around much of the great continental U.S. of A, with some side trips to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and a sweet Caribbean isle TBD. There was some talk of a couple NSC meet-ups, and actually umm, we very well may turn up in certain places running our own rented food truck for a day (more on that as we put it together). Naturally, I will also be hitting as many killer workshops as I can from all these great American dancers (Kinjaz Dojo, y'all!)

As for how this tangentially relates to work, my MLSS contract is up at the end of the year and it will change in 2016. I will still be providing things like the US player ratings and features, but will be nowhere near the regular presence from the past six years. Theoretically, that means I will have a little more time run my mouth here. I just need to figure out what kind of things I can add to the mix, and the brain is currently occupied with moving stuff. I can say it won't be a return to A Few Things... or any of the other old bits that are now done 27 times over on the interwebs. We shall see.

The point is, next year, NSC should liven back up a decent bit with more of my time free. In Russia. Through the winter. You damn sure know I won't be outside!

- Greg Seltzer


Bernardinho said...

Positive developments all around, way to go Greg!

Matt said...

Congrats! Adventure time. Moving to Russia in December... There's a Napolean joke in there somewhere

Phil McCracken said...

Granted, I've only been there in the summer, but St. Petersburg is a wonderful city. It's totally different than the rest of Russia. Enjoy, Greg.

brian said...

is jermaine defoe THAT much better than Altidore? SMH

Greg Seltzer said...

@ Bernadinho, Matt & Phil: Thanks, fellas. I appreciate it.

@ brian: As usual, nobody knows what you are talking about.

Unknown said...

Зенит Чемпион! Оле Зенитчики!

Nicholas said...


Thanks for your personal tidbit. St. Petersburg is honestly no colder than Toronto or the south of Sweden so you shall be fine. The cyrillic was the worst for me, I'm used to translating latin letters, but that third element really discombobulated me. Nonetheless, there are lots of cheap foreign language schools for English speakers that make the move easier. Good Luck, I'm sure your gf has a good grasp on the set-up and can navigate what is often the non-navigable maze of Russian bureaucracy. Wish you well,