Monday, December 14, 2015

Goodies That Were Not

As in things that could have happened, but fell through. I have two of them for you right now, with a couple others probably on the way.
  • According to a Swedish birdie, Helsingborg keeper and impending free agent Pär Hansson has rejected an offer to join the L.A. Galaxy. It seems he was quite tempted, but has decided to chase a new job in Europe.
  • In the other direction, Houston midfielder Ricardo Clark has interest from three 2.Bundesliga clubs before re-signing with Houston. In this case, the suitors were not prepared to make an offer until January and the veteran did not feel like putting off his decision that long.
 More transfer-y goodness of assorted flavors on the way soon.

- Greg Seltzer


Jay said...

I suppose that makes the rumors of a Dan Kennedy trade more likely for the Gals, then?

Greg Seltzer said...

Pretty sure that is already done now.

Jay said...

This is what I get for having a job.