Friday, December 18, 2015

Mikey's Turn

To quote Phil Collins: I missed again:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Friday, December 18th, 2015) – Michael Bradley, a midfielder for the US National Team, has won the “2015 Player of the Year Award”, presented by Fútbol de Primera for the last 25 years and chosen by journalists from across the nation from all platforms.

This is the first time Michael Bradley (28) wins the most prestigious honor given to an US National Team member. Bradley received a total of 176 points, while Clint Dempsey (32) finished second with 145 points and Jozy Altidore (26) placed third with 70 points.

A player receives three points for each first-place vote, two points for each second-place vote, and one point for each third-place vote. In order to be eligible for the Player of the Year Award, a player must have played in a minimum of three (3) games for the U.S. National Team during the calendar year.

Michael Bradley has eighteen caps this year and he has consistently been one of the best players on the U.S. National Team since his debut in 2006. This is the fourth time he has been a finalist for the Futbol de Primera Player of the Year Award.

Bradley, who has 109 caps with the National Team, scored three goals this year. He started his professional career in 2004 with the MLS’ Metro Starts. In 2006 he moved to The Netherlands to play with the Heerenveen. In 2008  he played with German’s team Borussia Monchengladbach and in 2011 he was loaned to England to play with Aston Villa. Then he moved to Italy where he played with Chievo (2011-2012) and with Roma (2012-2014). He is currently playing with MLS’ Toronto FC since last year.

- Greg Seltzer


Jolazo said...

Bradley had what, 2 good games this season? @Germany and @Netherlands. Definitely didn't deserve to win this.

Dr.Jon said...

I'm not sure who I would given it to, honestly. No one has looked spectacular.

Unknown said...

Clint lost votes because of the US Open Cup thing.

Dr.Jon said...

Super sub, Bobby Wood?