Friday, January 22, 2016

Recovery Road

I'm not exactly sure who runs this YouTube channel, but thankfully they have given us a closer look at the rehab path being traveled by Borussia Dortmind/USMNT winger Joseph Gyau.

- Greg Seltzer


Dr.Jon said...

HOw close is he to 2nd team play?

dikranovich said...

Dr Jon, hopefully closer than josh gatt is to first team play at molde.

Dr.Jon said...

Yeah, that's for sure. Hopefully so. Of all the positions we lack, true we have 1 established one for the nats?

dikranovich said...

Dr Jon, is it possible that some soccer cultures require a "true winger" more than others? USA has had many different types of players on the wing, and maybe our U.S. Style is not so reliant on this position. I'm not saying we are not reliant on wing play, but maybe this is part of the reason Fabian Johnson looks good going forward from his wing back position, but can get lost in games playing a wide midfield role.

All in all, I think we have some promising players for these wide attacking positions, be it nagbe, or zardes, or Morris moving out wide, or Johnson, especially if we can see more 3-5-2 this season.

Ethan Finlay looks to be the most promising " true winger", but then again yedlin has probably looked best for the U.S. Team playing in the midfield.

Dr.Jon said...

Good point, dikranovich - I think it is important to the style or culture of play. US hasn't had much of a need up until the professed "attacking/possession oriented" soccer, which I assume plays a traditional 4-3-3