Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Guardians of the Gate

Considering his season's work at Stoke thus far, I was actually tempted to slide Geoff Cameron back into defense. However...

Geoff Cameron
Daniel Williams
Dax McCarty

In the frame: Maurice Edu, Kyle Beckerman

Cameron remains my guy here, thanks to his passing ability from deep positions and because of how much I crave an extra set piece defender. He can also drop back when Brooks goes on one of his jaunts forward. Williams is one to continue grooming and can be a late pawn now. I'd always thought of McCarty as a #8 at the international level, but his RBNY showing last season and the crazy depth at the next midfield slot has changed my view. Why he was not called into January camp remains an utter mystery to me. I'm not ready to turn my back on Edu's skill set and high level experience, while Beckerman could still be useful in a pinch despite the fact that he may be set to retire. Maybe I'm being sentimental, but one can afford such luxuries with the added frame places. Meanwhile, Perry Kitchen needs to get a job. Like, for reals. Right now, he's just an overplayed hand.

- Greg Seltzer


Adrian said...

What, no Bedoya?


dikranovich said...

adrian, you kid, but you know, ale bedoya has been a great two way player on the wing. he shows some real defensive chops in this role, and I think he also has a command of the center of the pitch. It will be a couple of years, but it's not to much of a stretch to think he could be playing this role in the future.

I'm not saying deuce is going to be a defensive stalwart, but he was playing further back last night, and he did not really look uncomfortable.

DaM said...

Generally on board here but Beckerman's time has passed. Good shift, much appreciated. I'd be looking at Will Trapp in that slot. I was confused as to why he got so little time in the recent friendlies... then again I was confused as to why Jones got so much. So... that's Klinsi, I guess.

ZackL said...

Agreed on Will Trapp. Greg, any word on Perry's next destination? As a United fan, I was disappointed to lose him.

dikranovich said...

Zack, it's looking like he could land somewhere close to, or north of, the arctic circle. I've never been a big fan of his agent, but he is a duke grad, so what are you gonna do??

OZ said...


I thought Beckerman's time had passed when JK capped him in JK's first game in 2011.

Since then he has proved me very wrong. He's never been particularly athletic, fast or quick so getting older is not perhaps the detriment it might otherwise be. His greatest asset is between his ears.

He is next to Jones, the USMNT's best dirty player, just about their most intelligent fouler and irritant. He didn't look good after the WC but I suspect he has been hurt.

If he can get fit and healthy, he may well be able to get it up once more for the Copa. Stranger things have happened.

DaM said...

@Oz He had a very good run with the USMNT. He has lost a step or even two in the last year. I get that his best asset is between the ears, but so is mine and nobody is running me out there. He didn't look good in 2015 with RSL, he didn't look good with the USMNT and he didn't look good in the 1 preseason match of his I have seen in 2016. Usually I take that much consistency to be meaningful. In this case you have a player who's physical abilities weren't quite up to par but outplayed them with grit, tenacity and intelligence... but as the former starts to fade so will the latter. You can be as gritty as you want if it takes you 10 minutes to cover 20 yards it won't matter.

I appreciate what he was but there is no particular reason to hold on to him tooth and nail when his time is done. Many other players can be gritty and tenacious.