Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meet Us In St. Louis

My monster project is done, so I will get back to the latest edition of Clipboard tomorrow. For now, I'll just leave this here...

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

Not for nothing, but the last time the USA played in St. Louis, it was a 6-1 win. Hey. Fabian Johnson was on the left side of the midfield, and DY was at right back. The common theme along the back line in the last two qualifiers was Cameron and besler in the middle, and Ream on the left.

Coach klinsmann went defensive in the second qualifier at t and t and put orozco wide right and pushed yedlin to the right midfield. Yedlin pushed zardes up top and wood to the bench.

Zardes could move to the bench, but you have to believe the coach likes his work rate in that right midfield spot, and I think he really has to look at bedoya and his work rate from a wide midfield spot as well. Just pretend that in the next two qualifiers, zardes is a lock for the right midfield spot and bedoya a lock for the left side. It's not to hard to imagine.

Cameron will have 4 to 5 EPL games to get back up to speed. You know.... At some point we have to see a three man backline of Cameron, Brooks, and besler. And ream could play that besler role as well. We are going to see this three man backline, and when we do, it's going to change everything.

Dr.Jon said...

Saint Louis, for sure - for all the reasons mentioned.

dikranovich said...

The thing that could really wake this site up is if the commentary was not so contentious, and was more about an exchange of ideas, and thoughts about what works, and why something new or different might or might not work.

But there is nothing wrong with a good fight once in a while, because sometimes that is the only way to get a point across.

I can go either way!!!

Come on Greg, get that right half back chart up here so we can have some fun.

dikranovich said...

its a little ironic, but Cameron is coming back from injury, and it is pretty likely that he will be back in the starting eleven for stoke. where he plays for them, is another question. he is going to step back in though, because he has clearly been missed, as has shawcross.

my guess is he probably moves into a defensive mid role, and he is more than capable there. Cameron is a good d mid against bigger teams, like Belgium and panama, but against smaller teams his center of gravity is a little to high. I know I know, Patrick viera had a high center of gravity also. tell me something I don't know.

a healthy Geoff Cameron is playing right center back for our national team, and that is a great thing. central defenders have a little bit later prime and Cameron is right in the middle of those years. he has a couple of big years ahead, and he could really go out in style.

things might really just be starting to fall into place, and for all of the be moaning about a lack of a plain, and this and that, it might just be that the unstoppable force is getting set to be unleashed.