Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Injuries have down a real number on this position over the last couple years. The likes of Rubio Rubin and Josh Gatt have been missing from the right wing chart for various long stretches, but the youngsters keep on coming.

Alejandro Bedoya
Jordan Morris
Jerome Kiesewetter

Needs more time: Ethan Finlay
In the frame: Kelyn Rowe, Joe Corona

Mr. Work Rate a ka Bedoya, who has recently heated up for Nantes, remains the starter. Morris will soon have his chance to apply pressure, but is already a fearsome bench option. He can play anywhere along the front of a 4-3-3, but his relatively weak back-to-goal game makes him a wide choice for me at this time. Not to get too excited about January appearances, but Kiesewetter's unafraid attitude makes him the place-holder for Rubin, for now anyway. I'm certainly not ready to give up on Finlay and Rowe also deserves a friendly look. Corona is suddenly playing left back for Dorados, but he's also showed signs of being a troublemaker from the right wing. 

- Greg Seltzer


Nick said...

Hey Greg, So what are your thoughts on Bedoya's best position? I think you've stated before that you always start the clip board with players in their best position so that implies you believe Bedoya to be a winger, but at the same time, some of his best work has come as Nantes #10.

Are we seeing the exception or the rule with your clipboard?

Greg Seltzer said...

I think Bedoya is about at the same level across all three playmaking slots, so it's not really an exception. He's been hot lately, but also took half the season to heat up. Throughout his Nantes career, he's produced about the same amount playing wide as he has centrally. Besides, considering our wingback situation, I absolutely prefer his work rate and defensive play up and down the wing.

Nick said...

Gotcha....fair assessment. thx.

DaM said...

I try to not get too caught up in current form, though as we get closer to an actual match, form certainly matters. Obviously this matters in the Bedoya determination. It seemed like a long slow year where he was in an out of favor and then suddenly he caught fire. It's kind of hard to know how to think about this, partly because I am not sure if we see Deuce again in an USMNT jersey. Will we?

Kind of seems like a big deal when you think of where Bedoya plays. Without Dempsey he seems to slide into that #10 slot almost by default.

There is nothing that will convince me that Joe Corona should be on this list :) Okay somewhat kidding. I have seen him get chances out wide and not take them. But now you tell me he is also getting time at LB. Waa?

Has a light gone on for him? Is he suddenly playing a faster game?

Zach said...

Rowe looks like he will be playing the 8 for the Revs this season. Personally, think it's a good switch for him. Excels with long passes, doesnt have great pace. Will be a learning process, but promising.

DaM said...

I never really thought of Rowe as a 2 way midfielder. That will be really interesting to see. Not thought of as a tough 1 on 1 defender but then neither is Nagbe and he certainly slid into the 8 slot really nicely. That being said, his best chance at cracking the US pool is on the wings or as a 10. That 8 slot is crooooowded.

Tom said...

I don't think that Bedoya was out of favor at all this year--he was very ill for many weeks though