Thursday, April 21, 2016

Extra Time: Emerson Hyndman

I had a chance to talk to the Fulham youngster last week and the resulting bit went up yesterday. Here's his thoughts on a couple of topics that didn't make the final cut.

On learning from Scott Parker:

I've played with Scotty for two years now and I've learned a lot, from the way he carries himself on and off the pitch to giving the maximum professionally. He treats his body well so he's ready for 90 minutes on Saturday. On the pitch, he's always talking in terms of where to be and my positioning off of him, that kind of stuff. We're lucky to have a player like him that's been at the top level.

On recent contacts from the USMNT senior side:

When I started playing again for Fulham, he sent me an email saying congratulations and to keep it going. That's always nice to here from the top, but I don't worry about that. I just play football and the call-ups will come when they come.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Nice article. So much can be said, pontificated, scrutinized and celebrated about this young talent but you focused on a great moment for his 20th Birthday. Now if we could just get the kid to use his right foot...

JustinV said...

Maybe we could combine Hyndman and Morris into one incredibly ambidextrous player. In all seriousness, kid has a bright future. And glad to see him learning from Scott Parker who always struck me as a pro's pro type player.

Unknown said...

emerson hyndman is right footed ._.

JustinV said...

That's just what he wants you to believe. That's why he's smiling.