Friday, April 8, 2016

Guess who. (updated)

It's only halftime, and Bobby Wood already has two goals in the bag tonight. Not only has he now set a new single season 2.Bundesliga scoring record for Americans, he has hit in seven straight appearances and has 11 tallies from his last nine outings. Yikes.

UPDATE: How does one say "Voila" in German?

Bobby Wood Goal HD - SC Paderborn 0-1 Union... AlleTore

Bobby Wood Goal HD - SC Paderborn 0-2 Union... AlleTore

- Greg Seltzer


JJO said...

The first touch on the second goal was fantastic. What a run he's on!

Jayboy said...

He is on fire and that second goal is a great show of strength and body control!

The big question is now - where does he go next? I can't imagine Union Berlin can keep him for another season (barring a miracle promotion) right? Are any of your birdies chirping about him?

JJO said...

If Werder stay up that would be a nice spot for him. Can we dream if Hertha and Champions League action?

JJO said...
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Dr.Jon said...

Hier? :) Wood is looking awesome.