Monday, May 2, 2016

Extra Time: DeAndre Yedlin

I spoke with DeAndre last week and the resulting MLSS article went up Saturday. As usual, there was a bit from our chat that didn't make the final edit.

On playing in front of the notoriously intense Sunderland supporters:

The Sunderland fans have been awesome. They're always supporting us, it's been a joy to play in front of them.

On following the Sounders from England:

Unfortunately, the games are on pretty late over here, but I check the scores in the morning. I keep up with them as much as I can.

On whether he believes they can rally from a slow start to make the playoffs:

That's football, isn't it? There's teams that start off slow and kick it in toward the end. I've very confident they'll find their rhythm and make a good run.

- Greg Seltzer

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