Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What About Bobby?

By now, I'm sure you all know that Hamburg are chasing Union Berlin goal monster Bobby Wood. I can again confirm that is correct, but have now unearthed a few more Bundesliga clubs sniffing around the US international: Timothy Chandler's Eintracht Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Aron Jóhannsson 's Werder Bremen.

However, and it's a big however, all three are fighting relegation with four rounds to play. I can assure you that any club from that trio that goes down will automatically be out of the running, as Wood is looking to move up to the top flight. I cannot confirm that rumored suitor Bayer Leverkusen are actually in for him, so in a manner of speaking, I guess you could say that Hamburg lead the race at this time. Stay tuned...

- Greg Seltzer


Jayboy said...

The US could have a lot of players PLAYING (not sitting or dressing) in the BL next year. FabJo, Brooks, Pulisic, and Morales are all in good situations. Johannsson and Chandler may get relegated but will hopefully stay up and get back in shape. Wood will likely earn a move up to the BL. That's 7 players with very high odds of starting positions.

Boyd and Stanko are going to get promoted and have moderate odds of breaking through (50/50?). Cannouse is almost a first team player and will hopefully get time. Then we have another 5-10 young players on reserve teams, where 1-2 of those could make the leap.

That means we could reasonably have 10+ players getting BL time next year. That's really exciting!

Patrick said...

It is exciting. The lack of Americans in the BPL comes down to work permits; which seems strange in 2016. If enough Americans get into BL that it starts to effect TV ratings here, would they liberalize the work permits?

DaM said...

@Patrick assuming you mean liberalizing the BPL work permit situation, one tends to doubt it, you already here BL folks complaining about too many foreign players hurting the development of national team players.

Unknown said...

yeah, they're struggling big-time with developing domestic talent. if anything they would tighten the work permit restrictions, i would think

Patrick said...

Tightening of work permits would just lead to poorer quality of league play and many mediocre British players being overpaid. USMNT fans know having your players guaranteed starting spots and being overpaid in your domestic league doesn't really develop players.

How hard is it too get into the La Liga as a non-EU player? If the best talent from the Americas goes to Germany along with German domestic talent, that league is really going to take a giant step forward.

Will it effect TV ratings is the question. If it does, then the English team be damned, they will do away with work permits.

On another note, if EPL scouts are in the US but only looking at kids with EU passports, that is a big hole that needs to be filled by MLS/USS and not just Bundesliga clubs.

Unknown said...

tl;dr the work permit obstacle is real, it is a problem, but probably not a huge one. there are other avenues.

personal anecdote involving lynden gooch: i played for 5 years at an old club of his in san jose that became a sunderland feeder while i was there (was not before but had ties, ofc, which is how lynden got spotted). i was too young to remember but everyone i know says he was never the best player on the pitch (though obv very very good), but he has an english parent.

conversely, the best player by far when i was there was a minuscule midfielder with insane skill who never really got a look from USSF. every summer sunderland brought him over for a couple weeks and wanted to sign him but couldnt get the paperwork. interestingly, they sent him down to tegucigalpa for a trial with Olimpia including a camp with the honduras u17s for whom he was eligible, but he never really stuck with them. this was around when i quit playing club; i played against him in high school and last i heard he was trying to get a college scholarship. San Jose State vs Academy of Light??? meanwhile gooch is a US YNT player.

another notable player out of san jose is marc pelosi. he was born in germany which made it easy to go to liverpool. from what i could tell he was the best player on his team, though. then theres seb lletget who was also pretty dominant for the other big club in the area. both those guys were in the US U17s before going to england, though.

others (benji joya and julio morales come to mind) mostly go through Copita Alianza or other programs that are scouted by MX team. even my club which was only about half hispanic played in spanish language-organized MX-scouted tournaments. I'm not sure what the process would be like for an american without any mexican parents trying to move to an MX academy. for all i know my honduran-american friend did try at some point.