Saturday, June 25, 2016

Your USMNT Line-Up v Colombia - Part Deux

As this game has a 3 am kickoff time here in Russia, I took a little night nap to rest up. As soon I woke up, a grave thought hit me: "He's not going to run out the same field group that lost to Colombia in the group stage opener, is he?"

Well, no, he has not... it's just the same group minus arguably our two best players (Brooks & FabJo) replaced due to injuries. Oi.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

Game is hauntingly familiar.

Greg Seltzer said...

Paint-by-numbers defeats.

Patrick said...

Wood is coming but we need better attacking players. It comes down to whether Dempsey finishes his chances or not. Bradley constantly losing James on the defensive end was all Colombia needed to produce good chances.

Zardes, and Nagbe too, are just a step slow with decisions at this level. They need a move to a faster league. Just playing in this tournament improved Zardes, he can handle it. But against Paraguay and tonight, he had Nooooooooooo idea what to do and lost the ball by the time he figured it out.

This current lineup is definitely Top 20 in the world. Top 2 in CONCACAF. Now the younger players go back to their club teams. Certainly, a big key for the USMNT is that Wood takes another step forward at Hamburg. Pulisic hopefully gets a lot of PT and Brooks and Johnson stay healthy. Wood and Pulisic emerged last year, who emerges this year? Canouse? Maybe one of our young injured players like Antonee Robinson or Terence Boyd?

Hearing Danny Williams has EPL interest and Hyndman had signed for the Cherries. Still think we need Europe playing midfielders.

What these Top 10 teams all have is a superstar. Until we produce one, it will be hard to crack the Top 10.

Dr.Jon said...

@Patrick absolutely agree. The next step is some folks need a little better technical skills, and a lot faster thinking on the ball which comes from a faster, pressing league. MLS is fast athletically - counter attacks but not fast passing. La Liga MX is not a fast league but technically better than MLS. IMO

Unknown said...

The decision making for zardes and nagbe is the key. they have athletic speed, nagbe has technical speed, neither of them has tactical speed. A year in europe leading up to the world cup would do them both wonders.

DaM said...

Some of the conclusions about Nagbe's speed of thought boggle my mind.