Saturday, July 9, 2016


The lady is stealing me across the border in the morning for a little mystery birthday adventure, so I won't be around for a couple days. Seems like a good time to get one more Clipboard position up...

Geoff Cameron
Daniel Williams

Dax McCarty

Also in the frame:
Perry Kitchen, Kellyn Acosta

Playing Cameron here offers several advantages, such as adding an extra set piece target/defender and better capitalization on his ability to pick lanes for surging dribbles forward. Williams is Mr. Efficiency on the ball and can sneak up to the box for offense better than anyone else on this depth chart, but can still add more defensive steel (and steals).

I quite considered sliding Morales back to this position, but instead decided to stand firm on my assertion that McCarty needs a new look. He edged Kitchen for the third spot due to his outstanding passing ability. As you can see, I'm ready to move on from Beckerman, as there are several young defensive midfielders to pin future hopes on that are either rising steadily or ready to break through in club life.

- Greg Seltzer


Patrick said...

I think your post title is off by one. Can't wait to see where you move Bradley. Can't believe you are going away and leaving this cliffhanger.

DaM said...

@ Greg Happy birthday man.

Agreed here. Cameron's best position has always been the 6. Bradley's best position has always been the 8. Jermaine Jones is 73 years old and the PRESENT is darlington (or deuce if you think he still has some left in the tank).

I think the only quibble i have is McCarty. I would have agreed with you on Dax 2 years ago but he will be 31 heading into the next world cup. That's fine, I guess, but I think he will be a step slower (and he needs that step to make up for his lack of size) and I wonder if he's just one of those guys who missed his athletic window (blame it on klinsi).