Sunday, July 17, 2016


Obviously, Michael Bradley's injury has at least temporarily cleared the way for a new starter here. That didn't make the decision that much easier, though.

Darlington Nagbe
Jermaine Jones
Emerson Hyndman

Also in the frame: Alfredo Morales, Wil Trapp

Yes, I could have quite happily gone with Jones, but someone has to replace Bradley's tempo game. Nagbe is the more sound possession option, while Jones can have much more impact as a sub. So here we are.

Hyndman is a distant third, but could certainly change that when the Prem season starts. Morales is more in the Jones mold of a loose box-to-box cannon, while Trapp still has more growing to do.

While we're on the topic of this position, I have something else to say about Bradley. I owe the captain a small bit of apology for comments made in my USMNT ratings for the Copa America bronze medal match. Now that we've learned that the boss kept him out on the field carrying an injury that would shelve him for six weeks, I can also say my grade for Klinsmann was too generous. I honestly can't believe the coach left a one-legged man out there to run the team in a placement match. Quite inexcusable.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...


Do you know if it was Bradley wanting to play the full 90 or did Klinsman know Bradley was hurt and Klins kept him on for the full 90? Either way it is stupid. Bradley has to listen to his body and not play while hurt or Klinsman has to protect his players long term health

Greg Seltzer said...

Just to clarify, it wasn't the full 90 - he went 80. But more to the point, to me it doesn't matter if Bradley wanted to keep playing. It's not Bradley's job to manage the team.

Unknown said...

Agreed. Even if Klinsman didn't know of the knock, he should have pulled him based on performance. Plus Klinsman has been around long enough as a player and coach to know when some one is not healthy