Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We move on to the cobra head slot, which is obviously missing a great deal of its strength due to injuries. While we wait for Jozy Altidore, Aron Jóhannsson and Terrence Boyd to get healthy (if not also for Juan Agudelo to find himself), the Clipboard will go with this trio...

Bobby Wood
Gyasi Zardes
C.J. Sapong

Wood's hold-up game has improved and his runs annoy the hell out of defenses, a skill that often gets overlooked. Of course, he's also the best finisher of the fit players available. Zardes can also drive back lines bonkers with his athleticism, but we often must hold our breaths when it comes to his first touch and finishing. Sapong is the best healthy power forward available at the moment and really needs to be brought into the group.

Of the players listed at the top, Altidore is the closest to returning. And when he's back to action, he immediately slots into the second spot, if not direct competition for the starting job. That may rile some, but he still has the most complete forward game of our current crop. Boyd is the wild card; if he can finally stay in one piece, he is a threat to fill the live wire bench role.

- Greg Seltzer


Adrian said...

Let's assume a healthy Altidore, Agudelo, Johannsson, Boyd and Wood. Do you alter formation or play one out of position to try to get more than one of them on the field at once?

Dr.Jon said...

In theory play them out of position, but they need to be good enough students of the game to actually know what to do - how to play. It is so common to see national team coaches play players out of position. Not all players can pull it off though.

Unknown said...

overall, I don't think any 2 of these 5 players is good enough to warrant a change in tactics. we have talent enough in the rest of the team for one of these guys to have a seat on the bench.

Adrian said...

It's possible that both Johansson and Wood are starting in the DFB. can't say that about any other position, right?

Greg Seltzer said...

I'm not interested in shifting things all around to squeeze "the best" 11 players onto the field.

Unknown said...

fullbacks: yedlin, fabian, chandler
center-backs: miazga, cameron, brooks
DMs/CMs: cameron, morales, hyndman
AMs: pulisic
Ws: fabian, wood, pulisic
9s: wood, johannsson, boyd

i think its highly unlikely, though, that johannsson and wood will both be starting regularly

Kirk Diggler said...

Altidore continues to prove he ain't all that. Toronto doesn't need him on the field to win. Let's move on.