Thursday, September 15, 2016

FIFA: Where enough is never enough

Competitively, this is lame. No explanation required there. From a fan standpoint, good luck to everyone battling with people from eight more countries for tickets, which will surely see their prices bumped further into the stratosphere. So much for soccer being the working man's sport. Needless to say, double lame doesn't even begin to cover this.

But hey, what could go possibly wrong with giving the already super-trustworthy FIFA even more money and power?

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

An extra spot for concacaf never hurt, and it give the national team a little more wiggle room going into the future. Of course, we will probably be hosting in 2026. Sounds like a pretty good deal for USA all around.

Matt said...

Another Pulisic goal.

Greg Seltzer said...

Refresh the front page. :)

Lawrence said...

Well, it's the WORLD Cup. So could you not argue that it only makes it more of a global tournament?
Now- I am not saying I'm totally for this, I agree there should be a concern for the quality of play.

Who would this allow to sneak in as teams 32-40? Who are the teams that just missed the World Cup last time?
Jordan lost in a play-off match to Uruguay.
New Zealand lost to Mexico in a play-off match.
Senegal, Ethipoia, Tunisia, Egypt, Burkino Faso lost in play-off matches.
Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Iceland lost in playoff matches.
Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rep Ireland, Austria, Wales, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Scotland, and Isreal failed to earn a play-off match.

So how do you get to 8? 2nd place in group for Europe secures a berth gets your 4 more teams. Eliminating the playoff with Oceana and Concacaf, and Conembal and AFC gives you two more, taking you to 6. Do a round robin for the African teams instead a drawn head to head, take the top seven teams there. That brings you to 10.

In 2014 that would have added: Egypt, Senegal, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Iceland, Jordan, New Zealand.

Doing top 40 of the World might hold up quality of play better than top 24 of Europe. But I understand the concern not to water down the world cup.