Tuesday, September 6, 2016


One whole day after the new CONCACAF president publicly winces at the enormous clean-up job he has ahead of him to clean up the confederation, this happens.

Good luck, dude.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

Kind of a weird story too. The bribe is essentially for them to perform as well as they can, right... in a match where they aren't likely to win, the big bribe is for them to win. While I am sure whatever it is, was against the rules and illegal (at least here), it's not exactly fixing because he is just offering to pay them to do what they ordinarily would do anyway (try to win).

Kind of curious whether there are levels of illegality for something like this when you aren't bribing someone to take a dive.

Unknown said...

That is weird. Why pay some one more to win rather than to lose, especially when they are expected to win. That is not match fixing. It almost sounds like a poorly executed set up. Almost as if some one who does not know what is going on was trying to catch El Salvador in a bribe.

Maybe this is FIFA's lame attempt to route out corruption

DaM said...

It's still definitely illegal in the US, I am relatively sure. RICO covers a lot of shit. It just seems like his explanation of just trying to add additional incentive to an already eliminated team might actually be the real explanation. Still illegal, but maybe slightly less immoral?

Unknown said...

LOL so basically we are bribing you to be fair, just in case some one was paying you to lose and hopefully we are paying you enough.

Greg Seltzer said...

Just a point of order: I would certainly not consider El Salvador a favorite to win at Canada, especially given the circumstances. But yeah, this is some grade A weirdness. Leave it to a CONCACAF nation to find creative ways to attempt cheating.

DaM said...

Agreed Greg, the "they" i was referring to was El Salvador being unlikely to win. Sorry if I made that confusing. I would say Canada is a strong fave.