Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Litter Picks

Tomorrow is the MLS Expansion Draft, so why not offer up some pick suggestions to Uniteds Atlanta and Minnesota (two locales where I have spent plenty of time). As you know, I love these sorts of exercises, so let's dive right in.

Atlanta needs players for the defensive half, while Minnesota have all manner of shopping left to do. The players are listed in order of suggested selection. If I was making actual predictions, four or five of these names would turn up on that list, as well (guess which ones if you like).


Chris Duvall - He's cheap, he's local, he's talented and he's fairly steady for a guy with upside at an important position.

Collen Warner - Somebody has to break up opposing rushes and light the attack fuse. Warner is a very able, if not under-appreciated DM.

Bobby Burling - Yeah, most people will assume Jared Watts gets taken from the Rapids. But Burling fits better as a partner for Michael Parkhurst and this team will need some experienced hands. And you may wish to note that Colorado was actually stingier in the league games started by this 6'5" air marshal last season.

Jared Jeffrey - The midfielder finally started coming into his own for DCU last term, and he's still very cheap for a smart link guy. Jeffrey and Warner would make a nifty pair in the middle.

Jack McInerney - When it comes to building up the offense, I don't think Atlanta can help themselves. By picking this guy, they'd have a cheap counter-balance to Kenwyne Jones that already has 43 MLS goals at the age of 24.


Harrison Shipp - This seems a no-brainer. Loons, meet your playmaker.

Baggio Husidic - ... and here comes the guy who will ably link to him from central park.

Steve Clark - A lot of folks are wondering if Minnesota might capture Clint Irwin. To me, this seems the better pick. He can bail out a defense, as evidenced by his time with a Norwegian relegation scrapper.

Steven Beitashour
- This was a tough call, there's actually several highly capable right backs available tomorrow. Beitashour seems just the right mix of age, experience, offense and defense for an expansion side that needs smart picks.

Femi Hollinger-Janzen - Young, inexpensive speed that showed flashes of excellence last season. Everybody needs a spark-lighting burner (see Oduro, Morris, Ricketts, etc.).

- Greg Seltzer

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Unknown said...

very strange proceedings IRL. i like your picks better, greg, but I guess time will tell.