Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Will wonders never cease?

I've asked for it and asked for it, and finally I'm getting it. Jorge Villafana has been added to the USMNT camp roster for Sunday's friendly against Serbia. And with that change, I'm ready to show the line-up I'm hoping to see in that game.

It's a shame Hedges had to beg out with an injury, and that the only true crosser of the ball available is apparently being pushed back into a defense role we already have well-covered. I want to see plenty of new (or long lost) faces with strategically placed regulars. I also want to see Agudelo, Garza, Jones, Lletget, Nagbe and Pontius used as the subs. As you can tell, I'm feelin' quite specific today.

- Greg Seltzer


DaM said...

Good to see sueno get the call in, hopefully he gets some time.

Is Bradley still the #6? when CP10 is available doesn't Nagbe shift to the right where Bedoya is? Obviously CP10 can play on the right as well but he seems better from the left to me.

I'm kinda tired of seeing people trying to play Bedoya on the wing. He just isn't that good there. I know he has been a mainstay and much of that time has been on the wings, but he has always seemed miscast to me. Much rather see Agudelo starting out wide. Not necessarily his best position but I think he could play there as a creative inverted guy. I also lean to Klejstan over Benny but that is a tough call.

Real question for me: Is that the formation you think he will go with? I've been thinking Bruce would go to his old standby 4-1-3-2 but perhaps not.

Patrick said...

I think Klestan is ahead of Feilhaber. He is better in MLS and had been great for the USMNT when given a chance.

I'd like one real winger at least, rather than five central midfielders.

UnitedDemon said...

It will be interesting to see who comes through at the left back position. I'm a DC fan, and Kemp has become perhaps our most consistently sound defender, and has always been an asset to the offense. Hope he gets some minutes to prove himself.

Certainly hope Beasley is eclipsed by somebody, that's for sure.

Greg Seltzer said...

@ DaM: I have Bedoya on the wing for this one to aid Rosenberry on his debut. As I said, 'strategically placed veterans'. :)

As for the formation, this line-up is not a guess at what he'll do. It's what I want to see. That said, I would not at all be surprised if Arena went 4-2-3-1. Some of the Galaxy's best days of last season came in that set.

@ Patrick: I'm not picking the starters based on depth chart rank, it's just who I want to see most. And yes, I'd love it if there were proper wingers in camp, but they weren't called.

# UnitedDemon: I'd like to see Kemp, too, but there is another friendly coming and I'm not so sure Villafana will be around for that one.

Patrick said...

Do we think Villafana was high on the depth chart and when he became available he was called. Or he became available and Kemp, Beasley, and Garza are not good enough.

DaM said...

@greg Yeah, that makes sense. Lord knows you can rely on Ale to be responsible defensively from the wing.

I could definitely see him coming out in the 4-2-3-1. It kind of fits this roster a bit better with a couple of classic 10's/11's and lacking our best pure wing options (CP10 and FabJo). McCarty/Bradley in that formation makes a ton of sense as they seem like they fill in for each other's weaknesses pretty well (unlike JJ/Bradley who never seem to mesh up)

Patrick said...

I guess Bruce answered my question whether Kemp and Rosenberry are good enough...