Sunday, January 29, 2017

Your USMNT Line-Up v Serbia

Certainly not as experimental as I'd hoped, but I understand the urgency to build some cohesion for March. I'll see you all on the other side with USMNT player ratings at MLSS.

- Greg Seltzer


dikranovich said...

it was a breathe of fresh air to see feilhaber out there. he really is the one player who know how to play the ball into great spots for his teammates.

Paul Poenicke said...

Benny is so good he was Man of the Match for both Serbia and the US. #Bennygasm

Dr.Jon said... about that match.

dikranovich said...

Paul, no need to get carried away! It makes sense with JJ and sacha leaving camp, that Dax will get a good look on Friday, and Benny also.

Unknown said...

I must admit im not high on nagbe.. it seems like he a) does not consistently produce in the final thirds and b) is not a quality defensive contributor. With those qualities, where do you play the guy?? Against a weaker opponent he can be an 8.. but i mean, he couldnt even break down this very weak serbian team and we were funnelling him the ball all game. Was he close? Yeah, with a ton of opportunities against a bad team, im not impressed by close.

I dont think he is chalked up for this level. Whether or not we have any better depth options is a whole nother matter...

Dr.Jon said...
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Dr.Jon said...

I agree with Danny. With so many people throwing shade a JK for not playing Benny, Sacha and Nagbe (Lee, too) - I think this game shows why in some way. If these guys (not so much Benny because he really didnt get a shot, we will see on friday) can't be a real menace against a pretty weak Serbian team CR, Mex etc... and beyond aren't going to be troubled by them.

LLetget caused some trouble. Jozy needs a partner. That's about all I took away from this match.

CP is probably a better RW, LW and CAM that all other options. Too bad there isn't 3 of him.

FJ remains best LM/LW and LB which again, is too bad. Would like to see who plays LB/RB next match.

DaM said...

I though Nagbe had a good game. Not amazing, but better than most everyone else. He took people on and beat them, passed the ball well (lookin at his opta chart, not too much backwards, good %, one attributed long ball miss was, I think, on target and went through zusi) and was a good outlet. It's tough to blow a game up from the wing when your CF. AM and fullback all have subpar offensive showings. Very little for you to connect with.

I think the one thing he needs to work on is shooting. He seems to have a decent shot but his natural reluctance means he misses some windows when hesitating.

I did think Benny showed much better in his short term than KLejstan did as the starter, but I am not sure if that is apples to apples. Either way, Twellman made a fair point. Sacha is over 50 caps and ion his 30s. That kind of performance may be a bit of (sigh) vindication for not calling him in for 5 years. Then again Benny's the same and looked better, so I guess that's the opposite side of the non-call-in coin.

Patrick said...

Everyone thinks JK didn't like Feilhaber. That might be true, but it could be that Bradley doesn't like playing with him. KC fans say he doesn't work to give an outlet to teammates and is more interested in making a flashy play. I really do think Bradley and Jones have been running the team since the '14 WC. Jurgen interjected himself twice: the lineup for Guatemala and the tactics for Mexico. Two horrible interjections and Bradley and Jones were through with him and the whole team quit at Costa Rica.

Kljestan was so good against T&T and combines so well with Pulisic; it still amazes me he didn't start against Mexico. Maybe Bradley doesn't like him either. Or Maybe it is Jones that wants Kljestan out of the picture, he barely passed him the ball on Sunday.

Soap opera level stuff, I know. We will have to wait for Jones's book 5 years from now.

Dr.Jon said...

The MF and Striker for that serbian game is essentially the USMNT right now - the #10 changed and if those guys - Sacha and Benny were these amazing #10s who were inexpliably held back by JK they should have torched this Serbian side. They didn't that means, to me however, JK was right in one of two ways.

MLS offseason fitness is atrocious and not up to an international footballer.
They just aren't that great.

Unknown said...

Pulisic and ojala fabjo get put in on the wings... which is a big upgrade... beyond that idk. Idk who you put in the 10. Im not sure about jones.

We'll see what we learn in the jamaica game.

dikranovich said...

Patrick, I don't think Bradley has a problem with Benny, and I'd be curious to hear SKC fans talking about feilhaber in the way you describe. If anyone of our players ever had a problem with Benny feilhaber, it was Freddy adu, and that was to bad. But one of those players is here now, and one is not.

Now doubt Juergen had a problem with Benny, which is sad in and of itself, when the coach talked about playing a possession style that clearly suits Benny's game. And he was suited for it. I guess we will know more after tonight.

I don't know how everyone else feels, but for me, the USA is very close to greatness. And maybe at the same time close to not qualifying for a World Cup. But that has always been our history. On the cusp, one way or the other.