Monday, February 13, 2017

The #6 Pack

We pick up the Clipboard with the defensive midfield slot, which considering the circumstances, is a fairly easy group to set in a row.

Michael Bradley
Daniel Williams
Dax McCarty

I'll be honest: if Geoff Cameron was fit and in form, it's likely that he'd take this spot. I still believe that the highest Bradley yield comes when he's in the #8 role with a solid hand behind him to guard the back line and grant the Bald Eagle freedom to join the attack late. As is, Bradley is the pick.

Williams could destroy more, but he's efficient moving the ball and can support the attack/possession. McCarty is more traffic director than midfield muscle, but he is a savvy enough tackler to keep things simple back there. 

Tomorrow, we slide over to right wing, and not just because it's the #7 man. I have a lot of thinking to do about the next midfield station. There could be something radical up my sleeve for that one...

- Greg Seltzer


Patrick said...

Where do you see Kitchen? Do you think he will move to England next year?

Why do you think Bradley prefers the 6 to the 8? JK never wanted to play him back there and the team was better with Beckerman at the 6 and Bradley at the 8 (but not the 10).

Greg Seltzer said...

Kitchen is in the realm, but these lists are almost completely focused on the next two qualifiers. As of now, I don't feel he's shown enough on the international level to earn a spot yet. That said, he's only had 154 USMNT minutes in two years and most of those were away from the DM spot.

As for England, not sure he's ready yet, unless a C'ship club has big crush. To me, he'd need to be at league best XI level to make that move. He's reasonably close, but not quite there. He certainly hasn't shined in the way a guy like Victor Wanyama did in the SPL. But give him time and he may earn the jump.

Patrick said...

I agree and thanks for the response. This is the general problem for Americans, he will be 26-27 if he does get that move in two years.