Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Right Stuff

Now that we've kicked off a fresh Clipboard by tackling one position that used to be clear and has become foggy, let's move on to one that has turned from difficult to simple: right back.

DeAndre Yedlin
Eric Lichaj
Brad Evans

Just in case: Timothy Chandler

I'm not really sure why the Graham Zusi experiment was even necessary, seeing as how we have two England-based guys killin' it in club life. Now that Yedlin has shored up his defense (last season at Sunderland) and then regained his attack swagger at Newcastle, he is the obvious top dog here. Lichaj is still a standout at Forest, and he brings the added value of being able to show well at left back.

Evans is well behind these two, but I've come to hold great respect for the steady improvements he's shown at the position these last couple of years. Chandler I'm still not sure what to do with - he's been pretty good for a surprising Eintracht side this season, but always seems to lack confidence in a US shirt.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Let your love for USA soothe your hate for Chandler. Chandler is good, it's okay breathe.

Greg Seltzer said...

Why do you think I hate Chandler?

Patrick said...

I think Chandler deserves a chance with Arena. It is possible he was given contradictory instruction from JK or no instruction at all; which contributed to the perceived poor form.

I totally agree that Zusi at RB was unnecessary. The only reason I can see is to try and get Zusi on the field for free kicks and corners because Bradley is not very good at them.

reanalyst said...

I agree Chandler should be given a chance by Arena. I have never been impressed when he's worn the US shirt, but if he's successful in the Bundesliga there must be something to him. Also, like Patrick said, Klinsmann...

UnitedDemon said...

Chandler is a horrible defender.

He's good at crossing, but he is very slow to get back and defend. He looks like he's going to hack up a lung every time he has to sprint back into his own half, I don't know if that's laziness, lack of desire, or both.

He's really the only German-American I don't want in the squad anymore.

kmo said...

Chandler is definitely not a poor defender. He's been a consistent starter over nearly 5 years in the Bundesliga. This year, he's blossomed as a RWB, so he's more involved up and down the pitch. It's not like he's had a one-off couple of games. German publication/s list him on the TOTS at this point.

UnitedDemon said...

For nats, he is. He's probably the best crosser on the team, but if an attacker gets behind him even a little bit, there's no way he closes the distance.

Kirk Diggler said...

Chandler never. Like ever. Doesn't care about playing for the U.S.

He had numerous chances. Was never good in a U.S. shirt, I don't care if he plays like prime Philip Lahm in the Bundesliga, he's terrible as an international because he'd prefer to play for Germany than the Stars & Stripes. Give me someone who bleeds. Chandler ain't that guy.