Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Three is the magic number

Ya know, we're at the point in the cycle when experiments are held to the necessary minimum and the Clipboard tightens up at nearly every position. So as we move along to the #3 slot, those outside the top (healthy) three will tend to vanish.

Omar Gonzalez
Matt Hedges
Steve Birnbaum

Get fit and we'll definitely talk: Geoff Cameron

For starters, I could certainly slide Cameron back to defensive midfield slot when he returns. Or maybe not, we shall see. Gonzalez has often shown himself to be a perfect foil for Brooks (see: World Cup 2014) ... that was incorrect, the two never played together at WC14, so disregard that point - GS), but of course they both had ugly nights in their last outing together at Costa Rica. I definitely prefer him over Birnbaum and he has a massive experience edge over Hedges (It certainly bummed me out that he missed out on the recent friendlies over a minor knock). To me, Gonzo is the easy choice if Cameron can't make it.

Side note: I did not include Jonathan Spector this time around, but if he shines in Orlando, expect to see him re-enter the frame for later qualifiers. I will be keeping an eye on him.

- Greg Seltzer


UnitedDemon said...

Shocked to see Gonzalez getting the nod. He's been part of really bad results for the USMNT lately. Birnbaum makes far fewer mistakes.

Luke said...

Gonzalez and Brooks never partnered each other in Brazil

Greg Seltzer said...

You are correct, Luke. It was very late when I typed that, my bad.

dikranovich said...

They didn't partner in Brazil for a good reason. They are too tall! You just can't have two 6'6 central defenders. I'm sorry, but these two positions need to compliment each other, and Brooks and gonzo don't fit that bill. You just can't have to tall guys like this!

Luke said...

No worries, Greg! Just wanted to point it out. Really appreciate all the work you do