Friday, February 10, 2017

You know what's gonna happen next... or do you?

I finally got what I wanted, and "Sueño" did not let me down. Ladies and gentleman, we have a left back!

Jorge Villafaña
Jonathan Bornstein
Gregory Garza

Really just here as emergency insurance: DaMarcus Beasley

Sure, Villafaña needs to do it against better competition, but I'm backing him all the way. All he's ever done since winning that contest is prove he can raise his game to new levels. Bornstein deserves a comeback, officially taking over the "veteran" slot in this chart.

Garza has been away for a while dur to injuries, so I'd like him to get more regular minutes in club life. That should not be a problem in Atlanta. As for Da Bease, nobody respects the guy more than me. However, his last US start came 18 months ago and it did not go well at all. We've moved a long way away from Brazil now, and so should the left back stable.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Great pick on Villafana. Even though he hasn't had a ton of playing time and it was a Jamaica 'B' team, I thought he more than anyone else made his case to be part of the qualifying squad. Even better, this allows Fabian Johnson to move up which also allows Johnson & Pulisic to switch sides dynamically. I don't think any other 2 outside attackers in the pool can do that as effectively as those 2 could...

Unknown said...

The idea of pulisic/johnson on the wings is absolutely mouthwatering

Paul Poenicke said...

@Dany: Exactly. Put your most dangerous players in places that they can do the most damage.

Besler/Bornstein/Beasley>>>Johnson as left back. Not because Johnson is inferior defensively, but because of what we lose when he's playing in defense. I have Bornstein scars from the last time he played for the US; he deserves a chance given his form.

DaM said...

It would be pretty surreal to see Johnny B make a comeback. You have Garza ahead of Lichaj? I get that Lichaj is RB first but he's not starting there so seems like he COULD be 2nd on the depth chart here. Feels like when DMB is still making the list, we need the depth at LB more.

Unknown said...

I personally would like to keep johnson at left back and put arriola and pulisic as interchangeable wingers. Brooks and Cameron at CB and Yedlin at RB. Thats a hell of a defense with the capability to high press opponents on D and overlap runs + crosses from the wingbacks on offense.

dikranovich said...

Paul, the USA beat Costa Rica 4-0 in copa America with Johnson in defense. While in attack, during a WCQ in Costa Rica USA loses 4-0. Do you care to explain more, what we lose with him in defense?