Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'll just drop this right here...

Best. MLS. Meme. Ever.

My hat's off to Galaxy social media ace Jenny Jeffries.

By the way, it seems the league office is ticked off about this.

Seriously? This one tweet has gotten MLS more attention than pretty much anything that will happen on the field this season. The thing has gone global. Even Alex Morgan has watched it numerous times over in France.

Maybe try enjoying it instead of trying to grip everything so tightly. I mean, really.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Maybe I missed some other news about how upset the league is about a dive resulting in a red card but it seems like they have the onus on the wrong issue. I'm fine with karma taking a role in his punishment but this should be a minimum 2 game suspension and a rescission for Van Damme. I'd say this is a prime example of why we need video review in this game (one season of reviewing yellow/red plays for dives in game and issuing cards for offenses will virtually stamp out diving... players aren't stupid). Though as the announcers pointed out, under the current rules only a straight red is reviewable, which is patently absurd.

Dr.Jon said...

EXACTLY! Retroactive punishment for Chara and rescind Van Damme's red.

Unknown said...

Not the first vid of this nature using a guy diving and the exact same footage... but i think galaxy are the first team anywhere around to have the balls to post it.