Saturday, April 8, 2017

Once bitten, twice Lichaj

First of all, forgive my sudden silence this week. We ran off for a couple days in Tallinn the same day of the train bombing in St. Petersburg - in fact, on our way to the bus terminal, we passed through the same station you may have seen on the news just a couple of hours before it was filled with smoke and wounded. So between the unnerving pall of that, the gut punch that is the St. Louis MLS situation and various other mind-numbing headlines, I just wasn't in the mood.

But now I'm back on patrol, and with a goal to report. Nottingham Forest ace Eric Lichaj bagged his second of the season on an easy back post tap-in (and would have had a second later were it not for an obscene save by the Huddersfield keeper).

- Greg Seltzer


Dr.Jon said...

I am glad to hear you and your lady are well. Cheers

Brian B said...

Awesome, selfless assist by Bobby Wood on the Hamburg winner.