Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Best. Window. Ever.

For weeks now, I've been telling anyone who will listen that the recent primary (or winter) transfer window was the best damn transfer window in MLS history by light years. The clubs did a ton of great business to give the league easily its best ever concentrated infusion of talent. One could make teams upon teams of ace XI's from all the standouts new to the scene this year, and still have some left over to debate about how they should have been mentioned - so I did.

Today, I'll start with a rookie XI and then offer up an All-Star team made up solely of players who moved to new teams within the league, via either a trade or one of the re-entry drafts. Tomorrow, the real fun starts when I show how much of a bitch it will be pick a Newcomer of the Year by posting a first and a second team of players that have come into MLS from a foreign league. On Friday, I'll name the clubs that are my top 5 Transfer Window Winners.

First up, the rookies. And so you know, I'm not sticking to the league's Rookie of the Year award requirements. If they've not played top flight ball, they count here. I see no need to exclude guys enjoying their debut campaign in MLS because they were hot stuff in the USL or NASL - this is a whole different world, folks.

And now those who made switches within the league (who really only count as newcomers to their respective teams, but still deserve a little shine)...

- Greg Seltzer

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DaMa said...

couldn't agree more. i was writing a little something about Alessandrini one of the many standout newcomers in MLS this year and then I was thinking to myself... man i would have a real hard time picking an mvp from the newcomers. Maybe include your MVP choice with the final list :)