Thursday, May 18, 2017

Invasion Of Primacy

Folks, there were just too many great choices among all the transfers in from abroad during the recently closed primary/winter window, that I could not help myself. Instead of two XI's, I made three (even if the third is in a kooky formation). With many of these position, it was incredibly difficult to differentiate between the first and second (and sometimes even the third) choices. All of the midfield spots were hell to call, and on another day I might have had them shuffled around.

I've judged these guys based on how they've performed so far this season, but you'll notice one player who has yet to appear. However, he was plucked during the window in question and I've gone ahead to give him the benefit of doubt on what he will do when he arrives.

Let's roll them out, starting with the "bronze medal" group:

An on to the silver:

And, finally, the gold standard crew:

Tomorrow, we go top 5'er, counting down the clubs I say killed the greatest transfer window in MLS history the most.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

hard to quibble given you are attempting to make viable lineups. given that goal i dont particularly object to much but if I were making changes:

i'd take either ramirez over montero.

maxi moralez and ring are in each other's spots. at least. Ring has dropped off a bunch. i guess if you went with the assumption that Medunjanin cant play dmid id move up guzman to first team, ring to 3rd where he can play the 8 like he does for NYC and let schweini play the 6.

Juninho seems to have been moved to the bench in the interest of playing people in their natural positions. He hasn't been that good either. Ibson for Minnesota has actually been pretty solid especially once Cronin moved in to help. Or maybe svennson as he has played in the midfield the last couple matches though obviously roldan/alonso will still be the first choice.

I think I would straight switch asad for Hyka. obviously the counting stats are identical but i just think asad has been better (when he hasnt been suspended)

Adrian said...

I'd include Xavier Kouassi - he arrived last year but never played due to injury, so he's functionally added to the league this year, and has been very good. Played as a #6 but seems more like a #8.

JustinWK said...

It's odd how many Atlanta fans would rather keep Kann instead of welcoming Guzan to the starting lineup. So many "WELL DID YOU SEE THE NUTMEG HATTRICK VS CHELSEA?!" comments.