Saturday, May 27, 2017

Setting The Standard

Just in case anyone forgot, they give assists for winning a penalty kick that gets buried in Germany. As such, young Christian Pulisic nudged his new single-season record for helpers by an American playing top flight ball in Europe to a lucky 13 - lucky because the spot kick he earned turned into a DfB-Pokal winner.

Pulisic became the first American to win the German Cup while playing in the final since Thomas Dooley did it in 1991 (Jermaine Jones was officially a cup champion with Schalke in 2011 because he world two early round games, but he was off on loan to Blackburn by the time the Miners took the championship match).

- Greg Seltzer

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Matt said...

Too bad Tuchel is out the door, from what it sounds like. At least Pulisic had a chance to put himself on the map with some managerial consistency over the last few years.