Thursday, May 25, 2017

US U-20 v Senegal Player Ratings

As a periodic reminder, grades are dished out with "6" as the average mark. All ratings are relative to time spent on the field, so a full-shift "7" is more impressive than one given for 15 minutes of work. 


Jonathan Klinsmann (6.5) - The keeper didn't need to deal with much in the way of shots on goal, but he did show solid command of his area and eliminated the handling gaffes that plagued his game one display.

Aaron Herrera (6) - The right back also rallied from a sub-par opening performance. Herrera did have some first half troubles in individual challenges, but was solidly decent after the break. Though he didn't offer a great deal going forward, it was his entry pass that kicked off the goal sequence.

Cameron Carter-Vickers (7.5)
-Large and in charge. His high level experience and physical maturity told the story on this day.

Erik Palmer-Brown (7.5) -The Sporting KC youngster had a a couple nervy bad-spot moments on the ball, but recover well each time to clean up his mess. Other than that, he was absolutely aces.

Danny Acosta (6) -Until the waning moments, Acosta was again a calm and collected bright spot at left back. In the late span of a few moments, he was undressed by pace on one box breach and offered up Senegal's best chance of the game with slack back post defending, dropping his grade back to average.

Derrick Jones (6.5) - The Philly Union hard man fouled up a couple of challenges early, but recovered to do what he does. At this level, he is quite simply a big "Warning: Beware of dawg" sign.

Eryk Williamson (7) -Like Adams, the U. of Maryland midfielder ran his tail off the entire game. Williamson was a constant pain for Senegal, both on and off the ball.

Tyler Adams (7.5) -The Red Bulls midfielder was yet another guy who bounced back from game one in a big way. He was seemingly everywhere on the field. Adams' link passing caused plenty of trouble for Senegal, including the cruelly slick touch that slipped De La Torre in to the area on the goal play.

Brooks Lennon (6.5) -The Real Salt Lake winger can be maddeningly inconsistent, but he can surely work a left back and ship some tempting crosses/restart serves.

Luca De La Torre (7.5) -The Fulham attack apprentice continued to show an excellent understanding with Sargent (as well as a persistent preference for running the middle channel instead the left flank). He set up the young striker with two smart plays, including the assist on the winner. To boot, he hustled back to make some helpful defensive plays.

Josh Sargent (8) -What more could we ask of the boy wonder? It's not just his movement and hold-up brain; Sargent has to unnerve foes with the devilish accuracy of his finishing touch. He doesn't even need to shoot with optimal balance to put it in a corner every time. Deadly is the word.

Coach Tab Ramos (7) -The boss called all the same numbers that were in the game after Zelalam's game one injury and it paid off with a decidedly solid win. Those who struggled against Ecuador improved, while his attackers once again did enough to take the points. I am bit concerned that all the subs were used too late to offer any real rest to the starters, but hell, that feels like a nitpick today.


Justen Glad (6) -Boy, was it good to see him back on the field. He wasn't on long enough to do much, but got in a strong restart clearance.

Lagos Kunga (-) - Another short shift with little to do.

Jeremy Ebobisse (-) - A mere cameo.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

If you were to say to me right now that Sargent is the best finisher in the US system at any level my only real argument would be that Clint and Jozy have done it at a higher level. Just as a pure goal scoring thing Sargent has great instincts and always seems to put the ball on net. I know it's not actually always. Not only was the goal a real mature finish, but I thought there was also that shot in the second half which the keeper had to dive to save was real class too.

one little nit of Ramos is I think he waited too long to make that first sub.

congrats to glad for getting back on the field. certainly deserves to see some time in this tournament but I wonder where it comes. EPB and CCV looked so solid together against what I believe was a pretty decent Senegal team. Maybe instead of EPB being the option to move to the 6, Glad will and Williamson will hit the bench. The only player I disagree with you is on Williamson. I mean he did a lot of work but I am still not sure what his role is. Things were again more balanced with Jones out there but I just don't think Eryk added anything to the team other than hard work. I'd rather see De la Torre play the 10 and move Adams back and let Saucedo (or someone) play wing.

dwc414141 said...

Team looked completely different than in the 1st match, particularly on defense.

Tom said...

Did you watch vs. Saudi Arabia? How was the team?

Greg Seltzer said...

Unfortunately, I had to miss that one. Was away all day. But I'll be back on ratings duty tomorrow.