Monday, May 22, 2017

Your US U-20 Line-Up v. Ecuador

For those of you who will brave the wee hours for the US Under-20 national team's World Cup opener against what looks to be their toughest group foe...

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

I am not saying in any way that I am happy Zelalem is hurt, but we had 0 chance of getting back in this match with him playing as the 6. I don't get that at all. In what world is Zelalem the 6 and Adams the 10? I know Zelalem plays a nice long ball and Adams presses the front line well, but Ramos has to know that they need more cover against Ecuador's counter.

Also have to blame Ramos for Redding being fall-down drunk to start the match. That's on the coach.

I continue to think that Brooks Lennon doesn't have enough athleticism. I'd love for him to prove me wrong and I know his game isnt beating guys off the dribble per se, but those times he seems to reach back for an extra gear it just isn't there against these kind of athletes.

And how does JK jr. not have a card? I didnt see the play well from the angles we had... did the tackle miss him and he flopped?

Anyway I am not saying they don't score that first goal if the midfield was reversed but I don't think the second goal happens with Adams covering the CBs.

Maybe Ramos gets some credit for starting Sargent (though I thought it was the right call) but when your guys come out like theyve never seen a high press before and your team doesnt look right until your out of position #10 gets injured, you probably didnt do a good job as a coach. Hard for me to say as he is still my favorite USMNTer of all time.

DaMa said...

but one thing Lennon CAN do is swing a cross in :)

Greg Seltzer said...

Well, that was one crazy-ass game. Klinsmann best treat those attackers to dinner or something.

Yeah, questioning Tab's selections has become old hat. I'm not even slightly sure what Williamson's role was, what the shape was supposed to be, etc etc.

DaMa said...

I am never sure what Williamson's role is. I think he was supposed to be an 8 but he thinks hes a 10. That's my best guess.

Forgetting about Herrerra's inability to stick with Ecuador's speed. That was expected. He just had no clue what he was doing as a team defender. Blown coverages, blown offside traps (multiple times leading to good chances) and just falling asleep at times. First time I recall getting a good look at him. Yikes.