Thursday, June 8, 2017

I surely won't get it, but...

... this is what I'd love to see against Trinidad & Tobago tonight. A few notes:

  • Yes, I'm back to pushing Cameron into midfield. If it's good enough for a Prem club... in all seriousness, though, I'd like to see him negate Kevin Molino's lane through the middle and allow Bradley to work the #8 role, thank you very much.
  • I heavily considered lifting Bradley or Johnson for Nagbe, but 1) I feel the Bald Eagle could really pick apart the Soca Warriors' back line when our precious few transition opportunities arise & 2) we can just go ahead and save Nagbe's possession-hound act for Sunday at Azteca.

    As for Johnson, I like him helping to keep an eye on Joevin Jones over there. And we know he's certainly capable of covering the Yedlin's back when the young speedster gets forward.

    If we can get a goal or two by halftime, I would jump at the chance to give Dempsey a bit of a breather ahead of Mexico; bring Nagbe in for him around the hour, place him on the left and shift Pulisic to the #10 position. And then run up the score with T&T desperate to cut our lead. Sound like a plan to me.
  • I placed an asterisk next to Brooks because I'm not sure he's fit to go. If he's not, I'm totally fine with Besler in that spot.

- Greg Seltzer


dwc414141 said...

1. If Brooks' fitness is at all questionable, I say rest him for Azteca.
2. I agree regarding Cameron in the MF.
3. It would be ideal to get a nice lead and make some changes early in the 2nd to rest a few veterans; however, I worry this will stay close until late.
4. I hope T&T losing Cato could provide some openings in their defense that can be exploited.

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