Sunday, June 4, 2017

Your U-20 Line-up v. Venezuela

No surprises here, this unit looks exactly as I thought it might.

- Greg Seltzer


DaMa said...

Tab got so much positive press that he was like "oh yeah? well watch me take my two best players out early in a game headed to extra time." Dunno if it would have mattered. Venezuela was significantly better than this team. I think we have a pretty good idea of what the ceiling is on the Tab Ramos Good 'ole American Style Try Hard Team (tm).

Dr.Jon said...

Looks like you are right, DaMa.

Greg Seltzer said...

In all fairness, Adams was quite poor today. Like shockingly so.

Unknown said...

1. We scored a goal against a team that hasn't allowed a goal 450 minutes.
2. Lost to the better team, that has a very good shot of winning it all.
3. If Tab is to blame, it is not taking his best players out early, but he is to blame for not taking his best players out early enough. They should have been subbed when it was 3-0 against NZ.
4. Overall very successful WC. We were with out 4-5 of our better players and that gave those fringe players some experience and allowed them to show what they could do. Am I disappointed they didn't go further? Yes, but overall nothing to be ashamed of. No hopefully they can get us out of our Olympic slump.

DaMa said...

@greg I hear you. Sargent wasn't at his best either. But I do think they had more left in the tank (though why Sargent stayed on and Ebobisse came off last match still baffles me). Adams was playing out of position... Kind of... when you look at his heat map anyway. Williamson was his usual self. Take him off, move Adams to the box-to-box to help Jones shore up the center. Even if Adams continues to have a rough match offensively he is going to be worth more than Williamson further back.

@downintexas Was it really a "very successful WC?" Nobody is saying we should be ashamed, but we should expect more, I think. In point of fact, what we are saying is we have the players to have gone further. If we brought them. And played them correctly.

Patrick said...

It is hard when two of your best players just don't have it on a day. Adams and EPB just didn't have it. EPB with so many panicked clearances for corners where Venezuela looked so dangerous. Plays where he had time and space and still shanked it, once almost into his own goal.

I thought De La Torre was very good. Him and CCV were the only ones that didn't seemed overwhelmed at the start. Glad should have been at RB all along, but he can't cross. Not finding one satisfactory RB is the biggest mistake by Ramos.

Ramos waited too long to shift to the 4-4-2. We were lucky not to be down 4-0 by the time he actually adjusted things.

How come, in all international soccer matches, extra time is a time that passes by and then you have penalties. It seems the USA is the only team that consistently concedes in extra time. Men and women; youth and especially senior teams. And not just one, but very often two. They also seem to be the only team that ever scores in extra time.

Unknown said...

Expecting more and still having a successful tourney are possible, if this was the MNT I think we would all be happy with a quarter final appearance. "If we brought them" Pulisic had more important things going on. The boys for Schalke were not released, Hyndman is injured.

DaMa said...

Don't believe Hyndman was eligible this time around. It was more than just Pulisic, Wright and Mckennie we didn't bring. There were fullbacks that clearly would have helped (Farfan) or attacking midfielders if we were a team that was willing to use attacking midfielders. Anyway in the end it probably doesn't matter. The guys who didn't get brought will get other chances in other places and the guys who showed up but didn't play particularly well probably were going to stall out anyway.