Thursday, July 27, 2017

Net Worths

As promised, we begin a new edition of the Clipboard. And as we are one year out from a World Cup, we'll be tightening up the depth charts. As usual, we start in goal...

Tim Howard
Brad Guzan
Bill Hamid

In the frame: Ethan Horvath

As of now, the top two are seems obvious, but this group bears more watching than one might think over the next 10 months. Both Howard and Guzan made errors  at Gold Cup despite having little real work to do. That's certainly not to say they are incapable of killing it in Russia, and I'd like to think that Guzan will improve his form once he's back to enjoying regular starts in Atlanta. It should be a good dogfight for the next summer's starting job.

In my book, Hamid is currently edging out a crowded MLS field for that third spot (and it looks as though Da Bruce agrees). Keep an eye on Horvath, though, as he seems to have grabbed the starting job at Club Brugge. After moving from Norway to Belgium, his development could take a quantum leap this season if he proves up to the task.

- Greg Seltzer

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FiveTwo said...

Zack Steffan looks like the real deal, too. Horvath, Gonzalez, Steffan looking to make up for weak generation of American keepers ahead of them.