Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Your USMNT Line-Up v Jamaica

The answer to the $64,000 question? Yep, Clint Dempsey will remain a super-sub for this one. Frankly, considering Jamaica's strengths and how the USMNT struggled to mount a real final third attack before he entered the semifinal, I don't get it. Or Graham Zusi starting, for that matter. These two decisions concern me a bit, but I still think the boys should be able to pull this one out in the second half.

Enjoy the game, catch you all later at MLSS with US player ratings.

- Greg Seltzer


Freegle said...

Zusi at RB is the answer to the cliché question "what is the definition of insanity?" - especially against a team with the speed of Jamaica. It's going to cost us.

Dr.Jon said...

We are lucky it didn't but no more Zusi. No more Zardes (until he can recapture some form). No more Besler/Omar - there are people better than them. Would have been nice to see Hedges/Miazga, but alas.

Not sure Morris is upgrade on Dwyer, and definitely not an upgrade on Wood.

More later

DaMa said...

@dr jon I agree on Besler. after all the stories about Besler and his resurgence I thought he was really bad with the ball against Jamaica. Obviously neither he nor Hedges are ahead of Brooks in the pecking order, but I now lament the Opara situation even more. Frankly I don't think either Hedges or Besler play a single match at the next world cup, so I am ready to move on.

Bruce did a good job of giving people multiple opportunities to show what they had. Strangly enough, the same cannot be said of Agudelo, which disappoints me.

Surprise of the tourney for me? It is a tie between how not-ready-for-prime-time Acosta looked and how many chances Arena gave Zusi. Those of you who pray should start including Deandre Yedlin regularly.

Dr.Jon said...

@DaMa - definitely agree. I am also shocked at how little Agueldo was used. I would have put him on the wing before Zardes. He is similarly athletic and he is much more technically proficient AND lets not forget Agueldo is YOUNGER than Zardes. Lichaj should have gotten more time. He did OK, honestly. On the overall, better than Zusi. IMO a RB needs to be a good defender first and a good crosses/offensive threat second and quick third. Lichaj fits this (and Yedlin now too). Zusi IS good in the offensive third, no doubt, but that is not what he needs to be good at FIRST.

Air said...

I have to think that the Dempsey stuff is in part related to his health issues. He made a comment after the Costa Rica game that seemed to imply that he felt the heart issues held him back a little bit.