Saturday, July 15, 2017

Your USMNT Line-Up v Nicaragua

Can't say for sure, but it seems as though we are switching to a 4-3-3. What I can promise is that it's time for a cruise. There's no reason we should be biting nails toward the end of this one.

- Greg Seltzer


dwc414141 said...

We will need a convincing win to take the group

DaMa said...

Well. Getting a completely random lucky bounce (or two) for the goal is nice cause we really needed it but that was ugly.

No real surprise given that we know Bedoya is useless as an attacking midfielder and Corona is too slow to be an attacking midfielder. Meaning our only attacking creativity is coming from Dom Dwyer working super hardsies and Rowe playing slightly out of position (at this level) on the wing.

This is the point where I have to register an Arena complaint. If we have 6 new people joining the team the only guy who really should have been "rested" for this match was Acosta. That means this lineup represents, other than guys who hadn't played yet like Miazga, Arena's view of his best choice for securing a 3-0 win.

I think even more alarming that how bad Zusi is at 1v1 defending is how much he turns the ball over at this level. Particularly in his own half. Not new facts. So it's on Arena that he is out there again.


DaMa said...

Most interesting question for me is whether Miazga shows enough here to be ahead of Hedges now. I know everyone likes Hedges's experience and vocal backline-ness, but Miazga had a much better match.

I get the feeling Agudelo and Morris may have closed the gap on, if not passed, Dwyer. Dwyer didn't get much in the way of service from the Corono, Bedoya, Pontius triumverate-of-bleh but Morris and Agudelo definitely changed the game from Corona-Dwyer. I'd believe it if Bruce likes Dwyer's workrate but I think Juan is underrated there since he got his second chance.

Greg Seltzer said...

A couple of quick points of order on Bedoya:

1 - He was in a #8 role tonight.

2 - Basically all of our offense came through him tonight. He had two assists and won a PK.

DaMa said...

I don't agree. There was no attacking chance creater outside Rowe in the first half. In the second half Bedoya dropped back a bit before the subs came on, but, in the first half, I think he was playing as much in a 4-1-4-1 as he was in a 4-2-3-1. At least in the first half he and Corona at least for the first half were both up there. I didn't see a heat map but I bet they were pretty close on it.

As you know, statistics are all well and good but they don't always tell the whole story. Both of his assists involved pretty lucky bounces. A deflected ball from Dwyer landed at his feet and he passes it 5 yards to a wide open goal scorer and he passed a ball square that managed to roll to a guy who took a shot and was lucky for it to deflect twice into the goal. And the pk... I mean.... it was a PK... the guy slid into his feet and handled the ball, but none of those episodes are "good" attacking play. A bit of fortune and a bad opponent turned into goals.

dikranovich said...

Weird commentary, where you might think the USA didn't get the result it needed, when in actuality, she got just what was needed. I mean come on, Zusi helps pitch a clean sheet against Nicaragua, not to mention a first place clinching assist, Eric Lehigh is part of a backline that gives up two goals to Martinique, and it's like it means nothing.

Dr.Jon said...

@dik to be fair, it wasn't Lichaj who was responsible for those 2 goals from Martinique it was the CB pairing.

@daMa I think Miazga played very calmly against a (marginally) better Nicaragua side and scored a goal and kept a clean sheet. To me that puts him ahead of Omar (age reasons, more upside), and Hedges (also age, Hedges is 27 vs. 21). I think Miazga/CCV is the post-2018 pairing for the USMNT or even better 3-5-2 with CCV/Miazga/Brooks

@greg In my mind Bedoya is a good #8 replacement for JJ - grit, work rate

DaMa said...

@dik this is a non-A team tournament against suspect-quality opponents. You can't just say oh we got a clean sheet we were great. Zusi's 1v1 defending against Costa Rica was awful, gave the ball away something like 10 times in dangerous spots in the two matches he started and got an assist off a set piece. Was it news to you that Zusi can deliver a dead ball to a spot? The question was whether he was a good right back and the answer was an overwhelming: no.

Lichaj played a good match with one bad turn over in his own end. He was significantly better than Zusi in every facet of playing right back. But he didn't have a dead ball assist.

@dr.jon interesting. I agree that he is ahead of Hedges probably, but you think he is even over Omar? I am not saying he won't be there eventually, but I don't think Bruce has him that high yet. I'd love a 3 man backline with CCV, JB and Miazga... or Glad in for JB. That would be a really smooth passing back 3.

dikranovich said...

What game were you guys watching? Lichaj is a defender, he did not defend on martiniques second goal. Zusi probably takes up better position and defends against the cross. Eric missed a header, then could Not clear the ball from danger. He does have a good long throw in though.