Thursday, August 31, 2017

UGH, not you again!!

Today's stat dump involves the Americans who caused the most trouble to specific clubs across the pond. These counts cover all European top flights, plus the most prominent second divisions, and all corresponding domestic cups.

Because not everyone can play in the same league for an entire overseas career like Steve Cherundolo or Tim Howard, I've leveled the playing field a bit by ranking by rates instead of pure numbers.


This category is for highest goals per game average against a single foe. I've included every nemesis rate of at least a half-goal. And while some of these guys got fattest off weak opponents, you can certainly not say that about Jozy Altidore.

1.25 Altidore v Heerenveen (5 goals in 4 games) 
1.25 Romero v Ararat Yerevan (5 in 4g)
1.25 Romero v Mike Yerevan (5 in 4g)
1.00 Romero v Alashkert Martuni (5 in 5g)
.86 Altidore v Ajax (5 in 6g)
.86 Boyd v Wacker Innsbrueck (6 in 7g)
.86 Wooten v Ingolstadt (5 in 6g)
.75 Boyd v Red Bull Salzburg (6 in 8g)
.55 Stewart v Sparta Rotterdam (12 in 22g)
.53 Stewart v Heerenveen (8 in 15g)
.50 Dempsey v Wigan (6 in 12g)
.50 Dempsey v Bolton (5 in 10g)
.50 Dooley v Stuttgart Kickers (5 in 10g)


This ranking is for the point percentage (not win percentage, mind you) for American keepers that ruthlessly dominated certain opponents. Everyone who took home two of every three available points against their chosen patsies made the list. The records shown in parentheses are in the American style of W-L-D. As you can see, Tim Howard consistently bested wide swaths of the Premier League (and his point percentage against three other clubs, including Man City, narrowly missed the cut).

100% Friedel v Hull City (5-0-0)
100% Keller v Duisburg (5-0-0)
75.9% Howard v West Ham (12-1-5)
75.8% Keller v Leeds United (8-2-1)
73.3% Howard v Fulham (14-4-2)
72.7% Guzan v Sunderland (7-1-3)
71.1% Friedel v Portsmouth (10-3-2)
70.8% Hahnemann v Sheffield Utd. (5-1-2)
70.8% Howard v Hull City (5-1-2)
70.0% Friedel v Blackburn (7-3-0)
69.0% Howard v Wigan (8-1-5)
68.8% Howard v Bolton (10-3-3)
68.3% Howard v Newcastle (12-3-5)
66.7% Friedel v Wigan (9-3-3)
66.7% Hahnemann v Derby County (5-2-1)
66.7% Howard v Sunderland (11-3-5)
66.7% Howard v West Bromwich (8-3-2)
66.7% Howard v Portsmouth (7-3-1)


Finally, we have the rate of shutouts posted against favored foes. All series clean sheet rates above 40% are listed.

Do notice that no time will cry more than Sunderland when the next American netminder makes it to England. Combining their efforts against the trio of Brad Friedel, Brad Guzan and Howard, the Black Cats were blanked an astounding 24 times in 36 games.

100% Keller v Duisburg (5 shutouts in 5g)
71.4% Hahnemann v Watford (5 in 7g)
63.4% Guzan v Sunderland (7 in 11g)
55.5% Howard v Middlesbrough (5 in 9g)
54.5% Howard v Swansea (6 in 11g)
54.5% Keller v Leeds United (6 in 11g)
50.0% Friedel v Sunderland (8 in 16g)
50.0% Hahnemann v Stoke City (5 in 10g)
47.4% Howard v Sunderland (9 in 19g)
46.7% Friedel v Birmingham (7 in 15g)
46.7% Friedel v Portsmouth (7 in 15g)
45.5% Hahnemann v Derby County (5 in 11g)
45.5% Howard v Portsmouth (5 in 11g)
43.8% Howard v Bolton 7 in 16g)
41.7% Keller v Liverpool (5 in 12g)

Tomorrow, we'll switch the numbers game to highlights USMNT badass-ery.

- Greg Seltzer

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