Monday, September 18, 2017

On The Spot - Pt. 1

The research on the USMNT penalty takers has taken longer than I anticipated, so I've decided to split this category into two posts. First, we'll focus on the keepers' skill at stopping spot kicks. And like before, we're confining the count to competitive matches and sticking with the big five - mainly because finding complete info on PK saves prior to the '80's is impossible as far as I can tell. But it may even be a moot search, because so few other netminders have enjoyed more than a handful of caps.

Sparked by his famous pair of penalty stops at World Cup 2002, Brad Friedel unsurprisingly leads this chart. 

PK SAVE PERCENTAGE57.1% Friedel (4-7)
44.4% Keller (4-9)
37.5% Meola (3-8)
33.3% Howard (1-3)
28.6% Guzan (2-7)

- Greg Seltzer

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dwc414141 said...

Anyone else surprised that Howard has faced so few PKs in competitive matches?