Friday, September 1, 2017

Your USMNT Line-Up v Costa Rica

A few surprises (if not concerns) for me in this group: Ream over Besler, what looks to be either the underwhelming empty bucket or a risky 4-1-3-2, and most of all, Johnson starting when he's played just 10 minutes of competitive soccer since May. I hope none of this ends in regret.

- Greg Seltzer


Patrick said...

Was a flat 4-4-2 but it didn't seem like anyone knew what to do. Nagbe played zero defense. Pulisic had no room on the right of two strikers (unlike at BVB with their one striker). Cameron passing the ball right to CR multiple times. Bradley charging all over with no purpose. Howard can't kick and had to save the first. A howler. Quick restarts that only fooled their own team.

Reminded me of Poland in 2002.

Klinsman not a good coach, but he was probably right about Villafana and Nagbe (I like him on the wing but a disaster defensively next to Bradley).

I think Johnson had to play LB if he wants to continue to start.

I hate those white shirts with the light blue sleeves.

Dr.Jon said...

Disaster. I think we are seeing (despite his flaws, many, many flaws) Klinsmann was right about many things. Some of which are highlighted by @Patrick above.

2 bottoms line points, IMO:

1. The tactics were terrible (how Arena didn't see, even in retrospect, they were completely outnumbered in midfield is shocking)

2. This team, with few exceptions, has little to know soccer IQ and couldn't figure out how to break a team down on their own if their lives depended on it. (this is old style soccer coaching, not the what Klinsmann wanted "you need to figure it out in real time on your own" new style soccer coaching.

When a team presses you you need to
1. Play the ball over the top to your hold up striker
2. Play quick 1-2 passes with a compact midfield and pass out of the pressure.

I was alway taught the press in soccer is like the press in basketball - you don't dribble out of the press. How many times did we see Howard to CB (slowly) to MB or DN (slowly) in the center of the pitch surrounded and immediately closed down by 2-3 CR players with no USMNT player for 30 yards?

Soccer IQ ladies and gentleman.

Dr.Jon said...

know/no (sorry)

Dr.Jon said...

If this team plays this way and are coached this way again in Honduras we will lose again.

Unknown said...

It was 2 lines of 5 all night. The number of times bradley gets the ball and looks up, and his only options are 30 yards away, was absurd. Arena got it all wrong. We are in serious danger of not qualifying.

Unknown said...

And i think this really ought to be enough of the 442. Wood and Altidore are both accustomed to playing as lone strikers. Bench one of them and play a real formation. This is the same trap klinsmann got into of trying to shove a square team into a round hole.