Friday, October 20, 2017

A Fresh Clipboard: #2

I meant to have this up yesterday, but time got away from me working on other things in the research cave. So we'll play two today. First up, the right backs (November call-ups marked with an asterisk):

*DeAndre Yedlin

*Timothy Chandler
*Eric Lichaj
Matt Polster

Worth monitoring next season: Nick Lima

Ordinarily, I'd wish we could say there were more candidates to move forward with, but really this is one of the few spots that could be locked down for a while. Yedlin is the clear starter here, while Lichaj can be a solid back-up with more international reps and Polster brings a bit of potential.

Chandler is a funny case, we all know the reasons why. However... I do have an ulterior idea for him. While ostensibly bringing him as a right back, perhaps it might be shrewd to also give him some training runs (if not also a little game time) up the flank. After all, he started his career as a winger, and those wheels and nasty crosses remain his prime draw with the USMNT. I mean, it's not as if we want to rely on him at this position or that we are overloaded on the right side of attack.

If we can iron Chandler out finally, his physical abilities could make for an interesting weapon. Something to think about.

- Greg Seltzer


Unknown said...

Shaq moore and olosunde... longer term options, of course still as depth for yedlin. Moore in the 18 last couple matches for Levante.

DaMa said...

Thank god there are a ton of young promising options (the two listed above plus I liked a couple of the U17 guys like Dest and Lindsey) because there's a huge drop off post Yedlin. Seems like all the promising MLS young guys like Lima and Vincent are lefties... are we forced to consider Tyler Adams? I really do agree with him that he is a central midfielder but Joshua Kimmich could probably have made that assertion at some point too.

DaMa said...

Chandler went down today and it looked bad/non-contact in the leg.

Adrian said...

I've seen Nick Lima play a few games for San Jose and he really impressed me.