Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Fresh Clipboard; #3

So far, I've kinda wanted plenty of candidates moving forward. I certainly will in the midfield and attack positions. In central defense, however, I'd rather keep the stable lean to promote contiuity.

*Geoff Cameron
*Justen Glad

*Matt Miazga
Erik Palmer-Brown

To be frank, I am extremely tempted to move Cameron back to the #6 slot. I very well may if Miazga or one of the youngsters can step up quickly. I'm very eager to see Glad get a look, and I don't anticipate Real Salt Lake staying involved in the playoffs for long even if they do pull off a Sunday miracle to make it.

There are a few other young options worth tracking in MLS, but we can check back in the likes of Ford, Long and Zimmerman next season.

- Greg Seltzer


Patrick said...

Are you going right foot only here? No CCV?

FiveTwo said...

Glad is about 20 pounds away from being the best American CB playing in North America. If Cameron becomes a 6, which I am all for in the short term, i'd be "glad" to see a back 3 of CCV - Miazga - Glad